Artwork Submission Guidelines - Updated Feb 10, 2015

Flagworks Group uses Adobe Creative Cloud (Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign). Please make sure you're providing a vector eps file for anything that is not a photo. Flagworks Group is not responsible for delays associated with the client providing artwork that doesn't meet the criteria provided below. If you are unable to provide artwork that meets the criteria listed below, your FWG Sales Associate will notify you and quote to rebuild or improve the artwork as required. Our studio charges $100 / hour for design work including recreating or "fixing" files provided by the client.

WE DO NOT ACCEPT - Word files / Quark Xpress / Freehand / Corel Draw / Publisher / Powerpoint or any graphic files that are not supported by Adobe.

VECTOR ART *Vector art MUST be submitted for all Swag orders*

Please provide vector art whenever possible. File formats for vector art:
.eps - Most Preferred
.pdf - Press Quality
.ai - Adobe Illustrator
.indd - Adobe InDesign *Packaged InDesign Folders Only*

*All files must have fonts converted to outlines and links embedded within the file (with the exception of packaged InDesign files where the fonts and links are included).


Please provide PANTONE numbers (SOLID COATED ONLY) for colours where appropriate / possible.
Art provided in CMYK or RGB format will be printed AS IS.


If a vector file can not be supplied, we can accept HIGH RESOLUTION image files. File formats for raster images:
.psd - Adobe Photoshop

Minimum resolution for all files is 72dpi at 100% production size. 100dpi to 150dpi resolution is ideal (at 100% production size). If your original file contains multiple layers (tiff / psd), please send us the original file so we can make minor alterations to the artwork to account for finishing requirements.


Where possible, provide extra image (2in bleed all around) so that bleed can be added for finishing requirements. If no image bleed is provided, a solid colour will be used.


You may provide your artwork at 1:10 scale (ensure your images will scale to 100% without compromising image quality).


If you prefer to provide your FWG Sales Associate with a data DVD, Thumb Drive or Portable Hard Drive please note that FWG is not responsible for any problems or delays caused by using this media.

We use Dropbox to receive files and we offer two options below. You may use this for large files from 5MB to 2G. To ensure a faster upload speed, try compressing multiple files into a zip file, before sending.

OPTION 1 *recommended*: Go to, create an account and share your files with OPTIONS 2: Go to and enter the following username and password. Create a folder and upload files.
Username: | Password: burleigh10 (all lower case)

OPTION 3: For files up to 2G's, you may also use WETRANSFER.COM. Please be sure to clearly label the artwork and name your FWG Sales Representative / company name / project name in the message field provided. Artwork sent via WETRANSFER should be sent to Please CC your FWG Sales Associate so they know the art has been submitted.